Fundamental Investment Principles and Objectives

Maximize Current Income Generation

  • Income producing, stand alone commercial properties with long term leases tied to indices such as CPI for annual increases
  • Diversification - tenant, sector, geography

Wealth Preservation and Protection of Shareholders Investment

  • Capital preservation with capital growth
  • Mission critical real estate with sound fundamentals of underlying tenants

Capital Appreciation, Acquiring Investments with Potential for Capital Growth

  • Maximizing differential between cap rates and cost of funding
  • Development of strategic partnerships with end users of real estate
  • Portfolio development through continued asset aggregation

Analyze Credit Worthiness of Tenant

  • Top down research - macro fundamentals
  • Bottom up analysis - micro fundamentals
  • Credit analysis of underlying tenants

Assess Real Estate/ Market Fundamentals

  • M&A and financial analysis
  • Review & benchmarking of underlying asset level trading performance
  • Key due diligence metrics - valuation, environmental, technical, insurance, legal, tax, accounting

Structure Appropriate Terms and Principles

  • Optimization of purchase structure
  • Maintaining of independence between transaction managers and investment committee